Learning Management System

With our Learning Management System you can create courses with videos, texts and tests for your employees. You than can assign employees to the course and keep track of their progress.

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COMS allows your company to communicate via text, audio and video. Your employees can share files with specified groups or via direct messeging. Create team chats for a fast and structured communication in your company.

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Manage your meeting and appointments directly on the dashboard and invite other employees to join, so they will see the meeting in their calendar.

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Employee Profile

Find all the information to an Employee in one view. With a clear and structured interface you will be able to retrive information in seconds. Employees can search for other employees and see their contact information.

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Keep track of your employees licenses and certificats and if they are still active. This makes tracking of job relevatan licenses such as drivers licenses easy and fast.

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In the employee profile allows a fast view on the assigned courses to the employee and fast assignment of new courses that will help the development of the employee.

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Employee Development

Our strength is in employee development. You can not just track the development of your employees but also help them set goals and bring them to faster to a desired position and knowledge stand.

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Skill Level

The Skill Level of an employee gives you a fast overview on the abilities of an employee and the worth for your company. It collects all data regarding the employee and shows the potential on a scale of 1 to 10.

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Get a fast overview of your companies Human Capital Preformance in one view. You can also start with a button click a general survey, to find out how satisfied your employees are.

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File Library

Share information in your company with ease. The days of print are over but you still need to enable employees to see information or get forms that they need for costomers or internal processes. The files can be protected with passwords, from copy. But you can also just get a paper approved by selected employees.

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Absence Planer

With our absence calendar you can keep track of your employees absence and plan vecations. The tool also allows you to store sicknotes digitaly.

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Our platform will support currently English, Spanish and German. But we can more when you have interest in another language contact our sales team for options to add more languages.

Help Center

Create your own companies FAQ, and enable your employee to find fast answers to questions that arise again and again. If you have technical difficoulties you can easiely open a ticket with our support and it will be solved as soon as possible.

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Time Tracker

Keeping track of work time has never been simpler with our time tracker tool you will be able to see overtime and the archived work times sorted by months. Employees simply log in and out, that simple it is.